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Boston Public Works

114 South Main St, Boston Ga 31626

About the Department

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Trash/Limb Pickup

Ever Wednesday (Please have your can by the road the night before to ensure pick up) Please do not leave can by the road all week.

Public Works Fees

Sewer Tap

Taps will not be installed until payment is made in full.


Water Tap

Taps will not be installed until payment is made in full.



Culverts will not be installed until payment is made in full.


Road Base

Dirt or Gravel (City is not responsible for spreading)

$75/Buck Load

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Clint Walker

Public Works Director

Office Location

114 S Main St.
Boston Ga 31626

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
7:30am – 4:00pm

Department Services

Taxes (4)

City Lawn Maintenance

Elevating the city’s aesthetics through Boston’s City lawn maintenance service.

Business (13) (1)

Drainage Ditch Clearing

Preserving our city’s infrastructure with the City Of Boston’s ditch clearing service.

Business (14) (1)

Potholes In Roadway

The City of Boston is dedicated to road safety through our pothole repair service.

Business (18) (1)

Ride-A-Way Clean Up

Keeping our roadside clean with The City of Boston’s right-of-way cleanup service.

Business (20)

Street Signage

The City of Boston is responsible for street sign installation and maintenance.

Business (16) (1)

Water/Sewer Lines

Your Partner for Efficient Water and Sewer Line Repair and Replacement.

Public Works Staff

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Delandre Hicks

Job Title

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‚ÄčAlbert Richardson

Job Title